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A free program that records the movements and clicks done with the mouse so you can then play them back automatically.

Add new functions to your mouse to be able to access the files you use most more easily.

Easily automate mouse clicks.

Assign fun sounds to each key or to the mouse.

With this program you can have your favourite applications to hand and running in an instant.

It shows on-screen an enormous cross-hair with which to find the exat location of the cursor at any moment.

An application that adds improvements to your mouse wheel.

An add-on for the Windows shell that blocks access to files via the contextual menu.

Disable the right click on your mouse to avoid mistakes.

A tool that measures how many kilometres your mouse covers

A curious tool to control the mouse with your keyboard keys.

It lets you control more than one mouse on the same machine.

This shows data of the tasks we do with the mouse in order to measure our usage ability with it.

A small utility to configure the mouse speed.

Block the use of the mouse in your PC so that no-one can use it.
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