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A program to really personalize your keyboard.

Powerful and versatile program to convert keyboard keys to other languages.

Check all the keys on your keyboard looking for errors or malfunctions.

Change the functions of your keyboard keys and create all types of shortcuts.

At a glance you can check if the Caps Lock is on or not.

A utility that lets you activate and deactivate the numeric keyboard of your PC.

Free application to make copy and paste tasks (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V).

A new way to accentuate vowels when you write on the keyboard.

Collection of utilites for your PC keyboard for people who need to work in various languages at the same time.

Program to configure keyboard keys as you wish.

It tells you how many keys you press on the keyboard per minute.

Have you ever left the uPPER CASE KEY ACCIDENTALLY LEFT ON? Avoid it with this program.

Screen keyboard that converts into an effective way to combat the effect of keyloggers.

Substitute the point on the numeric keypad for a comma.

Deactivate keyboard keys that sometimes interfere with the good use of some games.
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