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PCs are getting more and more powerful, allowing you to do more and more with multimedia programs. From simply watching a film online to using the best DVD and video editors, you can also find resources like codecs or libraries, Flash editing tools or real time video recorders.

Type of DJ program that mixes videos and can edit them with numerous special effects.

All you need to edit videos: cut, join, mix, convert between formats, filters, etc.

Easily rip parts of a video that you can save in a different format.

Join fragments of videos in different formats.

Get the most out of your videos and give them a professional touch.

A totally free interesting converter between video formats.

A free utility to extract the audio from a multitude of video formats.

A voice synthesizer which also lets you save any read text as a sound file.

A superpowerful editing tool for editing and working on video and multimedia files in general.

Convert your video files into other formats.

Convert your files of audio, video, images and other formats to other format options.

The genuine Flash player from Adobe

Create slideshows with photos, videos, music and YouTube videos.

Modify and experiment with your own voice.

Program to read any text you want. It also has an internet browser.
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