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Create slideshows with photos, videos, music and YouTube videos.

Complete your multimedia slideshows with this icon and graphic design pack.

The free version of E.M. PowerPoint Video Converter.

Excellent tool designed by Microsoft themselves to create, manage and organize photo albuims animated in WMV.

Create slideshows and videos from your photos.

A practical and simple Optimizer for JavaScript codes.

RoboDemo is a good program that can create demos of programs and tutorials in Flash format without learning Macromedia Flash.

Create, build and publish high quality videos on the Web from your photos and music files.

Advanced tool for creating multimedia presentations and screensavers.

Create fantastic AVI or DivX videos from your digital photos.

Convert PowerPoint presentations to video, or also iPod, PSP, Zune, 3GP, Apple TV, iPhone, etc.

A very complete video editor for slideshows.

Create, edit and produce professional slideshows.

An original way to create multimedia presentations and shows on any subject.

Create attractive slideshows already integrated into a webpage.
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