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Store all your passwords and usernames encrypted with a master key.

A free utility that closes Winamp or shuts down the PC after playing a set number of tracks.

Shut down or restart your PC with just one mouse click.

A free utility to automate and accelerate your PC shutdown, and other important actions.

Automate the shut down, reset or suspension of your PC, with a wide range of options.

Program the shutdown of your PC after a defrag.

Shut down or hibernate your PC without needing to be in front of it.

Shut down your PC quickly.

Shut down your PC automatically.

The programmed shutdown of PCs on a LAN.

A quick way to shut down your PC, restart it, close a session, hibernate or even activate the sceensaver.

It lets you program the shutdown or start-up of your PC after the seconds that you determine.

Turn off, restart or suspend your PC with just one key, or simply turn off the monitor to save energy.

Do you want your PC to shut down automatically?

A utility to program the shutdown, hibernation, suspension or restart of your PC.
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