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Control the desktop of your PC remotely from another computer.

A free, simple and quick solution to run remote control operations.

Control your computer from any other machine, through the Internet or local net.

Remotely access the different PCs on a LAN.

Remote control utility to manage your PC without being in front of it.

It shows what happens on your desktop via the Internet, and in real time.

A practical tool to remotely control apparatus from your PC.

Control and administer your PC from any other computer, or assist a friend remotely as if your were sat in front of their computer.

A free and very useful tool to manage access to other PCs via remote control.

A free utility that lets you remotely control PCs connected to a LAN, from just one PC.

It lets you access the desktop of each PC remotely.

Control any PC connected to a Windows network .

It lets other remote users access your PC via VNC technology.

A free tool to control various PCs remotely.

Complete remote system administration tool, one of the best in its sector.
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