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It lets you format FAT32 drives of discs bigger than 32GB.

Without doubt the best file explorer for your hard drive!

Defrag your hard drive to optimize its efficiency.

Modify the serial number of your hard drive volumes.

The distribution of your memory, at a glance.

It allows the low level formatting not only of hard drives but also of USB drives.

Check at any time the status of your hard drive and its temperature.

It lets you configure the JkDefrag program more intuitively, visually and easily.

It lets you create and delete both partitions and logical drives in your hard drive.

A free tool that shows the free and occupied space of files and folders in your hard drive.

Analyze how the space in your hard drive is distributed, in detail.

Utility with which you can recover defective sections of your hard drive.

Find out what is hidden on your hard drive.

Analyze your hard drive for errors, and then fix them.

Make backups and restore your hard drives.
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