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Darken your screen quickly and easily.

Free monitor utility that lets you control all apsects of brightness, contrast, gamma, etc.

Detect and try to repair specific dead pixels that may be on your monitor.

It lets you rotate the image on your screen adequately for the type of document you are looking at.

Switch off your monitor easily.

Check and adjust the different parameters of your screen.

It lets you configure your system in case you have various monitors connected to your PC.

Increase the viewing area of the desktop in the monitors and screens of other PCs.

Change the resolution of your acreen quickly and easily from the taskbar.

Shut down your PC at any time, from your desktop.

A program to configure the functions of the monitor to save energy.

A utility to adjust the light and colour of your monitor depending on the time of day.

Make a calibration of the colours on your monitor.

Lets you change quickly and easily between different screen resolutions to see how your work looks.

Change the Windows screen resolution in just two mouse clicks.
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