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Protect your wifi network with these security keys.

Modify diverse parameters and elements of your local network.

It lets you remotely shut down, restart or hibernate the PCs on a LAN.

View all the information from a local net router, in addition to other actions.

Monitor all activity done on PCs connected to a LAN, letting you block them if need be.

Monitor all the PCs on a LAN in real time. Oriented specifically towards schools.

Calculate the IP address, subnetwork masks and link port to configure the connection of your PCs.

Store different network configurations thanks to this program.

Restart PCs on your LAN or install updates, without moving from your seat.

Monitor local and remote PCs

An effective instant messaging system for LANs.

Share the content of your USBs via a LAN.

Link your PC to an existing network or instantly create multiple device networks.

Index all your LAN files to make them more easily found.

A professional tool to make designs of local network diagrams.
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