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Tool for the testing and control of CD-ROM and DVD drives.

An advanced installer for your programs, CDs or DVDs to include all the options you want.

A very useful tool to make copies of the files that are damaged or corrupted, both in the hard drive and on CD.

Read and recover dmagaed or corrupted CD data.

A virtual diskette drive to get the most out of your diagnostic tools.

A utility to watch DVDs from anywhere in the world, getting round the DVD drive protection.

Use DVDs from anywhere in the world, and audio CDs. Increase the life of your DVD drive.

View and copy DVDs with encrypted regional codes.

Open and close the CD/DVD directly from the system tray.

It helps you discover possible errors in CD drives.

Open and close the CD tray without even having to move your arm.

Create professional autorun menus for your CDs or DVDs.

Improve the capability and possibilities of the Autorun command.

Create autorun CDs and DVDs with the information you want.

Design and create autostart menus for CD and DVD discs.
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