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A simple and powerful Java file searcher for your hard drive.

The Google searcher but for looking in your own PC, much more useful than it seems.

Light and agile internal searcher to find Java class files in folders and subdirectories of your hard drive.

The pro version of Multi Find that lets you make searches within DOC, XLS, PPT, XML, etc files.

The ideal substitute for the standard local file searcher from Windows.

A fantastic advanced search tool for Windows.

Find all the duplicated music in your PC.

A powerful searcher of specific words from within files. Much more versatile than the Windows searcher.

It lets you search for files and text chains within compressed and autorun files.

A powerful local search tool for your PC.

A powerful local file locator and searcher

Search your hard drive and find the 100 files that were the most recently modified.

Effective local disc search tool.

Text and file search utility using set criteria.

Local search tool with diverse filters, double search and other options.
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