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Would you like to browse the Internet in a totally secure way?

A complete global protection system for your PC with a Symantec guarantee.

It gives you privacy and security when accessing wifi points.

Delete the asterisks that hide your passwords.

With Password Revealer you can see passwords that are hidden by asterisks.

Stop Google storing cookies in your PC.

Protect and block your Operating System configurations.

It helps you create secure keys to protect your wireless network.

Restrict access to your PC via a facial recognition technique.

A tool to help users from certain countries browse more quickly and securely on the Internet.

Block access to unwanted webpages.

Protect all your passwords in your system from hacker attacks.

Create up to 200,000 passwords (each with 200 characters) in one go and personalized for your business and saved in an encrypted file or in a database.

Impedes access to programs that are running at this moment for other people or spyware

A free tool that works to reveal files which, due to a virus, remain hidden.
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