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A magnificent virtual keyboard that's always visible on-screen, and it also portable.

Control the mouse not with your hand but with the movement of your head.

JAWS: the best software for disabled people.

A magnifying glass for your desktop, which amplifies the area where the mouse cursor is.

A magnifying glass for Windows that works to amplify the image in any zone of your desktop.

A powerful magnifying glass or image amplifier for the desktop, with a multitude of extra options.

A program to run actions in Windows Vista using voice commands.

Install in your monitor a keyboard that you can use in your Tablet PC or touchscreen.

A curious virtual keyboard controlled by the mouse.

Magnifying glass to increase the size of the selected area on a screen.

Tool for disabled people through which you can express yourself and communicate.

With this tool your PC will read emails and documents to you.

An add-on for Firefox that lets you increase or decrease web elements to make them more legible.

Huge magnifying glasss that lets you read any part, zooming in on it and maintaining very high quality and legibility of all elements.

This program will read everything that appears on-screen.
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