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Make and store back-ups of your programs` configurations.

Save backups of your games played in any videogame.

Create and restore an exact image of your hard drive when you need to.

Excellent tool to make backups of everything, including operating system and your computer`s actual configuration.

Make backups of your Wii games.

It lets you make backups both locally and remotely via an FTP server.

An excellent and very professional tool to make backups, both normal and incremental.

Transfer any document to a PC with Windows Vista.

Create a backup of any disc drive and all the drivers.

Make backups onto your PC of the content of your iPhone, iTouch or iPod.

Make a backup of the keys to all your software that`s installed in your PC.

Create images as backups of your USB devices.

File back-up and version controller.

Create a backup of your PC startup.

One of the best options available to make remote backups.
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