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Convert elements copied to the Windows clipboard into files.

A utility like the Windows clipboard but where you can store everything you want without deleting or losing anything.

Increase the functions and capacities of the standard Windows clipboard.

A clipboard that`s 25 times more powerful than the standard Windows one.

Version of the multi-featured clipboard Swift Paste for Windows 95, 98 and ME.

It pastes the content of the waste bin and shows you the URL from where it was saved.

With only one click it lets you copy the complete file name or route directly to the clipboard.

Never has copying and pasting to the Windows clipboard been so quick and easy.

Save all that you store on the Windows clipboard in case you want to use it in future.

Delete all the spaces and tabs in a text saved in the clipboard.

A clipboard that lets you organize the information saved in different categories and formats.

Give your clipboard more functionality and efficiency, making it more capable.

A very professional and complete clipboard for all those who feel let down by the Windows one.

Increase the capacity and the functions of the standard Windows clipboard.

Convert text you copy and paste onto the clipboard into pure txt text making the original format characters disappear.
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