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Program a series of tasks that run if they detect that the monitor is inactive for a long time.

Record macros and text and automatically insert them in an active application.

Record action sequences with your mouse or keyboard, and repeat them later when you need to.

Automate specific repetitive tasks or collections of actions in your PC.

Program set tasks or block them at a set time.

A free task programmer with timer: activate the running of a set file at a set time.

A free utility to program macros that automate tasks.

Program actions so that they automatically repeat.

It lets you build scripts to program tasks or worklists.

It allows you to program access to the Internet at a specific time.

Get the most out of Windows with this Unicode console.

Program the running of a file at predefined times and dates.

A powerful file administrator with task programming functions.

Record all the movements you make with the mouse and keyboard to later repeat them and so automate some tasks.

Automate certain tasks that you often repeat.
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