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A pack of 15 elegant free cursors in silver.

Free collection of attractive animated cursors to replace those boring Windows mouse cursors

Give a touch of blue to your PC changing the mouse cursor icons.

Decorate your PC with attractive animated cursors of a maroon colour, for your mouse cursor.

Install attractive cursors from Windows Vista in your XP.

An exceptional editor to create animated cursors.

Animated cursors of Bugs Bunny, Daffy, Tweety Pie, Wil E. Coyote, etc.

Change the mouse cursors for red animated icons.

If you like the colour purple then download this pack of animated cursors in this colour.

Intelligent cursors, that change colour depending on the colour of the wallpaper on which they are placed.

Decorate your mouse cursor with yellow icons.

The name of this program says it all: 2198 cursors for Windows.

A small collection of cursors of a hand in different positions.

With CursorXP it is the end of monotony in your Windows XP or 2000 computer, adding high graphic quality cursors.

A complete cursor design and creation suite for Windows.
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