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Delete the asterisks that hide your passwords.

With Password Revealer you can see passwords that are hidden by asterisks.

It helps you create secure keys to protect your wireless network.

Protect all your passwords in your system from hacker attacks.

Create up to 200,000 passwords (each with 200 characters) in one go and personalized for your business and saved in an encrypted file or in a database.

Calculate the time it takes to guess a password using the brute force method, depending on the PC.

Recover disguised passwords

Recover the access password to your Messenger.

It lets you recover the access keyword (Product Key)for your Windows if you`ve lost it or forgotten it.

If you have forgotten the password to a RAR file, you have the option to recover it.

Are your WiFi keys secure?

Randomly generate keys for wireless routers.

Check to see if your WiFi can be decrypted easily.

Obtain the password of a RAR file compressed by winRAR.

Have you forgotten your MSN or Hotmail password? Recover it with this program.
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