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Create your own crosswords to improve your vocabulary.

A complete free game to solve Sudokus and learn the most useful techniques.

A variant on the traditional minesweeper, where you need to use a lot of logic and strategy.

Escape the maze in the shortest possible time.

Create and play sudoku of 1,2,3 and 5 boards at the same time.

Are you a fan of crosswords? Well, with this crossword pack you can overdose.

Exercise your mind in a summer setting.

100 sudokus in PDF format classified according to difficulty levels.

A passtime where you have to form words from the letters in the rows.

100 different Samurai puzzles: a huge version of the well-known Sudoku.

A curious Japanese crossword where you must draw the shape with clues you get from the rows and columns.

Word search and maths challenges in the same game.

It lets you generate your own mazes to be solved.

Prepare for the arrival of Autumn by playing Sudoku.

Solve hundreds of Biblical crosswords.
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