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A collection of different types of passtimes: sudokus, wordsearch, mosaics, hidden phrases, puzzles, etc.

An original sudoku that is taken directly from the animal kingdom.

Entertaining word game in which you have to link letter after letter until you have a word related to a certain theme.

Seven entertaining games to practice and learn English, German, French, Swedish and Spanish.

The classic minesweeper in its most exotic version.

Enjoy an asddictive sudoku in your own PC.

A game based on the legendary Windows Minesweeper, but with a more advanced idea.

Play hangman by shooting in the Wild West.

Create and play sudoku of 1,2,3 and 5 boards at the same time.

Create your own wordsearches: you just write the words and it places them in a wordsearch ready to print.

A SuDoKu of up to seven different difficulty levels.

Solve the popular Rubik´s cube comfortably from your PC.

Are you a fan of sudoku? Then here you`ll find entertainment.

Create your own crosswords to improve your vocabulary.

A variant on the traditional minesweeper, where you need to use a lot of logic and strategy.
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