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A type of crossword but with numbers and sums.

Escape the maze in the shortest possible time.

Typical passtime to find the difference between two photos.

Easily learn Chinese with this singular word Sudoku.

Prepare for the arrival of Autumn by playing Sudoku.

Fill in this singular sudoku with numbers, letters and symbols.

Another Sudoku where you can save games and print them on paper.

Show your knowledge of the Bible while playing hangman.

Help tool to solve crosswords without diagrams.

100 different Samurai puzzles: a huge version of the well-known Sudoku.

It lets you generate your own mazes to be solved.

A curious hybrid of Tetris and sudoku.

Battleships for Windows!

Interesting tool to create your own maze passtimes and later export them in EMF, BMP, TIF or GIF formats.

Free sudoku that includes wordoku, a sudoku board generator and a solution providor.
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