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Sudoku game with many options.

If you are passionate about solving Sudokus, then you need this application.

Enjoy sudokus in any location thanks to this portable game.

A game of the famous sudoku adapting its level and other options to your taste.

A variation on the classic minesweeper that adds traps, more difficulty and graphic statistics on your speed and precision.

It lets you easily create word searches and crosswords.

A curious variant on the classic Minesweeper but looking for mugs not mines, and competing against the PC.

All sudoku games under a story of Japan in the XVI century.

A 6D minesweeper!

Sudoku game alone or with another player, with 5 levels, and hundreds of squares and instant solutions.

Help the worm Lex eat words with the biggest number of letters in this fun passtime.

A great sudoku with an attractive look.

Fun minesweeper game set in the world of Halloween.

Entertaining Spanish version of minesweeper to compete against others on-line.

A game of dice similar to Poker.
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