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Are you addicted to Sudoku? Then this is your solution: it lets you create hundreds of different sudoku puzzles and print them.

A Sudoku game where you can create your own themes using XML.

A peculiar sudoku that is played with symbols rather than with numbers.

Solve crosswords with this fun game.

Who hasn`t at least once played the game of Spot the Difference between two almost identical pictures?

Create the longest words possible in this medieval pastime.

A big help for all fans of Sudoku.

Increase your addiciton to Sudoku with this game.

Think you've played all the versions of Minesweeper that exist? Think again!

A remake of a complete classic: minesweeper.

Another step forward in the unstoppable world of Sudoku

Solve and generate sudokus.

An original sudoku with images in place of numbers.

Wordsearch where you don`t have to create words, but complete short news pieces.

A type of crossword which consists of placeing letters on top of each other, like a lift, until to form words.
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