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A frantic and terrifying Sega shooter now available for your computer.

A solo game for those without fear ... or those who like being afraid!

Whatever you do, don't confront the ghost!

Play the part of Van Helsing and confront the terrible Dracula.

Play F.E.A.R with or against other players.

Live the incredible story of terror as a vampire full of humour.

Take part in a global offensive against terror.

Are you sure you're awake ... or are you dreaming?

If you like to be scared, you have to try Cry of Fear.

Unblock the memories of your past and discover the Thief of Souls.

Explore this terrifying village to find the exit from this advventure.

Solve the mystery of End House in the manner of the popular detective Hércules Poirot.

Are you able to step into the shoes of Hercule Poirot and solve the case of the Death on the Nile?

Follow the clues of an undead pirate who has kidnapped your daughter.

A retros mystery set in the 21st Century.
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