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Enjoy the most fashionable passtime of the day anywhere you want.

Free sudoku that includes wordoku, a sudoku board generator and a solution providor.

Sudoku to be played in two modes: with only one possibility in each square, or with multiple possibilities.

Battleships for Windows!

A huge book of sudokus.

A great Sudoku inspired by 4th of July celebrations.

A complex sudoku where you have to solve mathematical operations.

The hexagonal version of the classic Minesweeper.

This logic numbers puzzle will give you headaches.

Find all the verses of the Bible or lose your flock.

Advanced tool for solving sudokus.

Addictive puzzle game featuring matches and squares.

A game with thousands of Sudokus.

Enjoy completing fun sudokus like never before.

A peculiar game which is half minesweeper, half sudoku, but complete fun.
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