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RSS news reader to get the latest news on your desktop.

RSS News reader that`s very complete, with integrated browser, flap-based interface, etc

RSS and Atom news channel reader, exclusively for the Opera browser.

Program to read more than 2600 newspapers from the USA on your PC.

Complete news channel reader, built using Adobe Air.

An effective and high quality news group reader.

Access all the news and updates from CNN.

Generate websites from the content of RSS news channels.

Add your RSS news to your Internet Explorer browser.

Reads and collects content from diverse newsgroups, and shows them in a centralized way.

Automatically receive news on your browser that comes from Google Reader.

Combine news from various RSS channels to broadcast them in just one content in another channel.

It allows you to access the main news of the day from your desktop.

It monitors RSS channels and complete websites, telling you of the changes and updates.

Install a news feeder on your desktop to tell you of the latest news headlines.
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