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Fax by Modem sends any document type through your computer via modem to any fax machine.

Internet telephony, and much more.

Convert your PC into an attractive and powerful fax and answermachine.

Send and receive faxes from your own home.

With FaxAmatic, if you have a modem ... then you have a FAX!

A complete application to send faxes via your PC.

It lets you send faxes from any PC connected to a LAN.

Join TIFF and PDF files that arrive by fax.

Send and receive faxes on your computer with the help of your scanner.

It offers complete Fax services and options via your PC.

Simple program to scan documents to be sent via email or fax.

Professional and complete application to send emails to fax, and faxes to email, and from the print option of any program.
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