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Simple measurement converter.

Convert and calculate more than 150 currencies from around the world.

A free converter of US and UK units of measurement to Metric.

A free unit converter, simple and easy to use.

Make conversions between different units of information: bits, bytes, megas, gigas, etc.

Make conversions between different units: weight, height, volume, area and temperature.

As its name indicates, it is a converter of numbers from any base.

A practical utility to make conversions between different units of measurement.

Convert any quantity of Euros into any other of the dozen currencies of the European Union, and viceversa.

It lets you simultaneously convert 15 distinct space measurement methods on the same screen.

A practical and free money converter.

Make conversions between the Euro and another 34 monies from around the world.

Simple converter of temperatures to the three main units: degrees Celsius, Kelvin and Farenheit.

A small utility that converts amounts in decimal, hexadecimal or binary.

Powerful conversion tool with support for more than 2100 units and 71 categories.
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