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Wake up to your favourite videos or songs.

A clock which tells you the time with a real voice.

An alarm clock for your PC.

A free alarm clock that announces the time in the language you choose.

A perfect substitute for the standard Windows clock.

Time your daily tasks with this countdown alarm.

Impressive analogue desktop watch with a multitude of designs, alarms, calendars etc.

Clock, timer, countdown, alarm ... everything on your Windows desktop.

Configure various alarms and reminders in your system.

An alarm clock with support for multimedia players.

An alarm you can configure so that it wakes you up with your favourite music.

Personalize each alarm for each event with a different sound, configuring the tone, duration, rhythm, etc.

A clock that sounds a bell every so often, telling you the actual time.

The alarm program that will help you day to day.

Remember important events with this alarm clock with agenda, calendar - all in one.
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