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Construct your own monthly calendar as you wish, to view or print.

Create desktop wallpapers and define their options.

Wallpapers, calendars and notes all in one program.

CalendarPainter is an excellent utility to create, an a few and simple steps, your own personalized calendar.

An Excel template to automatically create personalized calendars.

A simple, personalizable calendar on your desktop.

A complete world calendar with holidays and time zones for the whole world.

A free lunar calendar that shows the phases of the moon for any day you indicate.

An excellent tool to create different calendars where you can note down tasks, appointments or events for each day.

Free Excel complement that lets you create personalized calendars.

A practical calendar that's totally integrated with your desktop.

Convert your important dates into Chinese calendar dates and discover what your Chinese horoscope says.

Free program to design, create and print your own personalized calendars.

Create your own calendar with photos of your friends and family.

A fantastic calendar in more than 70 languages, and with 30 configurable styles.
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