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A free utility to synchronize the time of your PC.

A free digital clock for your system tray, with skins and automatic synchronization.

Fun clock for your desktop that changes its look.

A clock that tells the time like the bells from the famous Big Ben in London.

It shows various types of clock and wallpapers on your desktop.

A digital clock for your desktop, which shows the actual time and date at all moments.

A timer for your PC for races with a lot of participants.

A floating transparent clock for your Windows desktop.

A utility for changing your desktop wallpaper each day, and also have it with a calendar.

Synchronize the clock in your PC so that it always shows the exact time.

A Harry Potter clock that also includes a desktop wallpaper of the popular wizard.

A clock to install on your desktop that has a countdown, alarm, chimes, timer, chronometer, etc.

A practical, free clock with the time of the whole world.

Synchronize the clock on your PC with Internet server timetables.

Stop working so hard and take a break every now and then.
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