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A free utility to synchronize the time of your PC.

A free digital clock for your system tray, with skins and automatic synchronization.

Fun clock for your desktop that changes its look.

It shows various types of clock and wallpapers on your desktop.

A clock that tells the time like the bells from the famous Big Ben in London.

A digital clock for your desktop, which shows the actual time and date at all moments.

A utility for changing your desktop wallpaper each day, and also have it with a calendar.

A floating transparent clock for your Windows desktop.

A timer for your PC for races with a lot of participants.

Synchronize the clock in your PC so that it always shows the exact time.

A practical, free clock with the time of the whole world.

A Harry Potter clock that also includes a desktop wallpaper of the popular wizard.

A clock to install on your desktop that has a countdown, alarm, chimes, timer, chronometer, etc.

Synchronize the clock on your PC with Internet server timetables.

Your desktop clock will always show the exact time, thanks to this free application.
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