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Both amateur and professional programmers will find in this section an exceptional collection of all types of resource, from source code editors to libraries and components, web programming to languages, compilers to databases, and even programs to create videogames. All for free.

Play .FLV files without having to load them from a server.

The pack that all web programmers need: Install Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin.

The answer from Adobe to editing in HTML5.

We can say wihtout doubt that GIMP does the same and more than the majority of photograph design and retouching programs that you pay for.

If you want to install a web database service, here is all you need to start.

Free programs to create your own 3D games.

All you need to create software installation packets with .MSI extensions.

A component that simplifies the programming of Winsock communications in C and C++.

Convert Java code to any of the following formats: PDF, RTF, HTML, BMP, JPG, SVG, etc.

A fantastic tool to create software installation packets.

Libraries necessary for some 3D games and screensavers to work.

Intuitive and practical interface to work with SQLite databases

Multiplatform graphics engine to create high quality games.

Decompile any already compiled program, restoring a large part of the original source code.

A free phase editor for the Nintendo Super Smash Bros game.
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