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Components for C++ to generate CGI scripts.

A decompiler and disassembler for Java to rebuild the original source code in a Class file.

The easiest way to program.

A component that simplifies the programming of Winsock communications in C and C++.

A component to create shareware licences in .NET applications.

An ActiveX component for programmers that lets you configure the DNS using code.

Collection of native components for settings for developing Microsoft`s Visual Studio.NET

Components to generate CGI scripts with Delphi.

A component that updates the dynamic DNS in RFC-2136 compatible servers.

Create professional forums on your website.

A component for .NET applications that lets you create PDF files from other types of files.

Interesting ActiveX for .NET, VB6, Delphi languages etc that lets you add a powerful image viewer, even for animated GIFs.

An ActiveX component that lets you view and interact with MS Word documents.

ActiveX which lets you easily aquire images from devices like scanners or cameras from languages like Visual Basic, C++ or Delphi.

A component to control what a modem sends and receives.
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