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Free user interface to automatically generate PHP code in MS SQL Server.

Good, complete and quick administrator and developer of MySql servers with multiuser support.

If you want to install a web database service, here is all you need to start.

Intuitive and practical interface to work with SQLite databases

An accessible and effective way to make data conversions in a database.

Free Oracle user interface that automatically generates PHP code.

Extract and save tables from an SQL database to separate files.

A program to view, edit and print DBF files.

A useful help to manage, view, explore and connect to databases.

A database consultation editor and manager for LINQ language.

A simple, free editor to create and store SQL consultation drives.

A complete DBF database viewer and editor.

A relational database administration system.

The more limited and free version of Navicat to manage MySQL databases.

A great multiuse application to work with databases on your desktop.
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