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VisualBasic Runtime Files 6 needed to run whichever files written in Visual Basic.

Recover libraries in Windows which were deleted by mistake.

Programming library for VB, ASP, ASP.NET or Visual C that allows PDF document generation.

We can say wihtout doubt that GIMP does the same and more than the majority of photograph design and retouching programs that you pay for.

Libraries necessary for some 3D games and screensavers to work.

A script in Perl to create search engines in your website.

DLL library which lets you generate PDF files from the Visual Basic source code.

Change the wnaspi32.dll for this version which gives much more stability and efficiency to Windows.

A library in JavaScript to create calendars in PHP, ASP, CGI, etc.

It lets you capture text from DLL libraries and Windows COM components.

ActiveX Control to be able to do whois from ASP, C, C++, VB, VB.net and Delphi code.

A library for Windows required by many programs, mainly all the versions of Microsoft Visual Basic.

A .NET, Visual C++ or ASP language library that lets you make Flash presentations.

Libraries to be able to recover the access passwords for PDFs from programming languages like ASP.NET, Delphi, VB, etc.

DLL for ASP.NET applications that let you include an attractive digital clock in your webpage.
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