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Both amateur and professional programmers will find in this section an exceptional collection of all types of resource, from source code editors to libraries and components, web programming to languages, compilers to databases, and even programs to create videogames. All for free.

DHE Editor is a website editor.

A pack of various codes for Javascript functions to generate colour palettes.

Installing programs in multiple PCs on a LAN is easier than ever.

A program to create and manage videos in web pages.

A tool which shows you the HTML errors in webpages created in this language.

Complete application for the development, administration and updating of databases.

Make your website more professional by inserting a news channel.

Compare SQLite databases to verify if they are authentic.

Automatically clean all your HTML files.

ActiveX to add a Visual Basic that enables you to create, to visualize, to print and to save Text/RTF documents.

A library in JavaScript to create extended text components.

A JavaScript library to easily create your own spreadsheets.

A professional and complete programming setting for PHP programmers.

A library in JavaScript that lets you generate information content with elegant and personalized scrollbars.

Open code platform to build software development settings.
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