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Powerful website monitoring tool.

Automatically check the accessibility of a website or network via pings.

Stop hackers from attacking your website.

It monitors and warns you in case a webpage is down.

It checks the website you indicate, informing you of any changes so you can return and look at it.

A free utility that lets you completely monitor a website and note all the changes.

A program that indicates when a website was last updated or tells you if it has had any updates recently.

Has your website crashed? Your LAN work poorly? Sg Site Check is the answer.

Receive the changes to a website via email.

Locate the pages of a website in which a specific word appears.

Trace the URL you indicate to verify the correct functioning of links.

Be the first to know of any change in a webpage.

Check the availability of all the websites you want to look at without having to open your browser.

Monitor the connection of your webpage or email to make sure it works correctly.

It tells you when one of your favourite webpages updates with new content.
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