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Modify the DNS automatically to use in Google.

Store your own domain names on your PC and run your own DNS server.

Search the Net looking for domain names about to expire and become free.

Access information on the register of any Internet domain.

Small tool that shows you all the information referring to the domain of a set webpage.

Check IP addresses and obtain information about domain names.

Transform the way your business uses online services.

DNS client which works like a service of Windows itself.

It gets the exact name of an IP address (and vice versa) and lets you do Ping, traceroute, whois for an IP, etc.

Find out the username and domain of any SID (Security Identifier).

Discover which country a visitor is from just by inserting their IP address.

Obtain all the information on IP addresses and domains.

It informs you about domain names you´re interested in, when they expire, and the traffic they have in the principle searchers.

Free program to solve domain names and express them in IP4 address form.

A small, free program to get information on Internet domains.
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