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Pocket edition of this powerful email manager to access your in-tray from any PC.

Create your own email server with SMTP and POP3 protocols and anti-spam options.

An email server at the forefront of all those in the genre.

Totally protect the data and addresses you save in Outlook Express.

It lets you configure it so that you can send your emails automatically and with the frequency you want.

An email manager able to send authentic multimedia postcards, with 3D effects, sounds, etc.

Find out the corresponding SMTP server for any email address.

An email client that uses the IMAP protocol and can be consulted from any web browser.

It notifies you when an email arrives in any account you use.

Email application and Usenet news group server.

A small gadget for Windows Vista that gives you a shortcut to the Yahoo! mail web.

A tool that lets you change your email manager from Lotus Notes to Outlook without losing any messages or data.

Small tool indicating when you get an email without opening other programs.

Effective and automatic management of email messages returned because they couldn't be delivered.

A free add-on for Microsoft Outlook that keeps your emails free of spam.
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