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An application somewhere between a joke and an improvement for your messaging client.

The Yahoo! instant messaging program, now with voice, with which you can stay in contact with friends and family.

Collection of avatars and graphics for Messenger from the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game.

A revolutionary concept in the field of instant messaging.

Talk with your friends and contact people around the world.

Recover the password to your MSN if you've forgotten or lost it.

Change the interface of your ICQ to that of the popular action movie star Vin Diesel.

Watch and share YouTube videos via MSN.

A skin to convert your MSN into the famous Grand Theft Auto IV.

Decorate your messenger with the colours of your football team from the UEFA Champions League.

Personalize your MSN with this skin of one of the most popular Manga characters: Itachi.

Skin for MSN Messenger with the Matrix Reloaded theme.

A version of Whatsapp for the PC.

ThatsaPC - Whatsapp for PC

Include Hello Kitty in your Messenger too.
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