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Zone Alarm is a firewall that is easy to configure for your Internet security.

Excellent firewall that makes your PC invisible to hackers.

Successor to SurfSecret Personal Firewall, SurfSecret Privacy Protector is an excellent firewall that makes your PC invisible to hackers.

One of the few firewalls compatible with Windows Vista. Very easy to configure for your Internet security.

Sygate Personal Firewall is an excellent firewall for your PC that is already connected to a LAN, VPN or the Internet.

An easy to use and configure firewall with enough possibilities to satisfy everyone.

An excellent firewall that detects all types of hacker intrusions via the Internet.

Protect your system from external threats, and buy and do other things with your credit on the Internet totally securely.

New version of the well-known firewall from McAfee

Stop hackers getting into your system.

Firewall to block hackers and other intruders from accessing your PC.

A firewall that lets you directly block the IPs you specify.

International versions for Windows Vista of this program with big security, antivirus and firewall protection.

A very manageable control interface to comfortably control the Windows XP-integrated firewall.

A free utility that searches for possible errors in the PC firewall.
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