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A playlist generator which lets you include or exclude specific musical styles.

Import and create playlists very quickly.

Free program to generate XSPF playlists in XML style.

Easily create and play playlists.

Automatically create playlists from the music you have in your PC.

A playlist manager that lets you interchange these lists among WMP, Fx Magic Music and Winamp.

Listen to songs on MySpace, create playlists, and much more.

Create and administer playlists.

Create playlists to listen to your favourite music anywhere.

A free utility to create playlists quickly and easily.

A playlist manager for the thousands of songs you have.

Download the playlists and songs from Spotify.

Export and manage your iTunes playlists.

All the options available to create playlists at your service.

A simple application to create lists of your MP3 audio files.
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