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MP3 EXE Converter converts your favourite mp3 files to runable files.

Instrument tuner and musical note detector for your computer.

A utility to remove TAGs from MP3 songs.

Learn with this metronome the different beats and rhythms of flamenco.

Small dancing figures that dance to the rhythm of the music you play on your computer.

A free complement to add to Google Desktop that creates a music file list on the desktop.

It lets you componse your own tunes for various instuments, and print the scores.

Collect and catalogue MPEG, MP3, WAV, etc music files.

Free program in Catalan for writing and modifying musical scores on pentagrams.

An excellent tag editor which stores the information in an audio file.

A very practical application to edit the tags and information in your MP3 music files.

ID3 Tag editor, so you can have all your MP3 files with their information correct and ordered.

A virtual acid and tecno music synthesizer created from the legendary Roland TB?303 synthesizer.

Music synthesizer specifically optimized for the human vocal range.

It lets you remotely control the songs played in a PC server.
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