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Spend fun moments playing music, transforming your PC`s keyboard into an authentic pianola.

A complete drum and percussion simulator for you PC.

Learn to play the guitar practising with the scores of your favourite songs.

Extraordinarily precise guitar tuner, developed in Java.

Polyphonic piano keyboard and synthesizer for your desktop.

Run bass sounds of an accordion using the keyboard of your PC.

Now you can learn to play the piano perfectly from your PC with this program.

Learn to play guitar in your own home easily.

Reproduce dozens of musical instruments on your PC, with only your keyboard for help.

The most complete free piano simulator in the world.

Guitar tuner that you can run at the same time as listening to notes.

It offers music theory to develop playing the guitar more effectively.

Convert your PC into an amplifier for your guitar or bass.

The dream of every string instrumentalist: guitar, bass, banjo etc

Tune your musical instruments with this program and a microphone.
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