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iDump lets you transfer songs from your iPod to your PC.

The best solution for those transfer problems between PC and iPod.

Re-establish the original configuration of your iPod.

Practical video converter among the formats for iPod, PSP, 3GP and multimedia mobiles.

Download music, files, videos and games directly to your iPod Download 2.5.0

Download videos from YouTube and convert them to MP4, compatible with iPods.

Copy and manage music files in iPods and iPhones.

Viewer and browser for MP3 files, and song extractor for iPod.

Transfer your favourite music in iTunes from one PC to another.

Convert your DivX, xVid, AVI, WMV, MPGE, ASF, RN, RMVB, MOV, ASX, SVCD and VCD videos to iPod format.

Transfer data from your iPod to your PC and viceversa.

A practical explorer and administrator for your iPod.

An effective utility to convert any video file to MP4 format, compatible with iPods.

Convert your audio and video files to watch them on your iPod.

Make backups of the songs in your iPod, iTunes or iPhone.
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