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Fun and effective joke that makes the desktop start to slowly melt.

Transform and distort your voice to have fun with your friends.

Destroy all your desktop using hammers, chainsaws, flamethrowers, desintegrators and even termites.

A fun and brutal challenge that fills your desktop with chicks you can kill using cannons and shots.

Make your face grow old so you can see how you`d look in 20 years.

Play a small joke on your friends by reversing the directions of the mouse.

A bad joke for the PC to play on the office joker.

A type of joke that makes text write itself.

Fun way to record your voice but with a funny nasal tone that sounds like a smurf.

Doubtfully funny joke that every now and then shows a message of the blue Windows screen with a fatal system error.

A curious utility to measure the distance you move the mouse, and how many times you type and also click on a website.

A joke that makes your monitor appear broken, so that you can`t see what`s on-screen very well.

A program for fans of mysteries of the mind. It lets you control the minds of others from a distance.

A fun joke to replace the letters you type with others, to annoy the user of your PC.

Chase Sponge Bob and his friends all over the desktop and hunt them with the cursor.
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