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All the information related to your star sign, and the influence of the stars based on your date of birth.

Odd program to guess your horoscope and future using ancestral Runes.

Free utility that tells you punctually about the Hindu horoscope.

Know your destiny via astrology and Chinese horoscopes.

Make your own horoscopes for free with a completely professional look.

Discover traits of your personality with Greek astrology.

A program to use in geomancy, one of the oldest divination methods that exist.

A good way to enter into the world of numerology.

Are you one of those who think that astrology can solve your love-life problems? Then this program is for you.

A strange guru who will answer all your questions about the future.

An 8 ball from pool that gives you clues about the future.

Are you interested in palmistry? Do you want to learn how to read palms?

Interpret what your dreams say with this small dictionary.

A friendly oracle that you ask questions about your life and it answers with a simple yes or no.

Analyzes your astrological profile and tells you about your true professional vocation.
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