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Observe the planetarium from any PC with this portable version of Stellarium.

A real time 3D model of the Solar System.

A good consulting tool for astrology and astronomy fans.

3D Solar System, as its name indicates, is a program that invites you to explore the solar system.

Convert your PC into a Planetarium.

A complete celestial atlas with more than 9000 stars in its database.

Check exactly where the Sun and Moon are in relation to the earth.

The whole universe in your hands.

It shows diverse information related to the position of the sun and moon with our planet.

Analyze each corner of the Moon in full detail and with additional information, a bit like Google Earth but with the Moon.

Would you like to watch the sky at night without leaving the house?

Impressive program with which you can travel to the stars in person via your own personal planetarium.

Excellent free pack so that children can have fun with astronomy.

It offers solutions to the problem of three bodies, a well-known question in the field of celestial mechanics.

A portable, free program to observe the planets in real time.
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