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A free application with 40 versions of the Bible in 27 different languages.

43 Bibles, a million links and references, and 150,000 comments to reflect on the Holy Scriptures.

An interactive and sensationally visual Bible, ideal for theologists who want to read and study the Bible in depth.

A free, effective and quick tool that lets you know the Bible at first hand.

A different and modern way to read the Bible, the sacred book of all Catholics.

Exceptional consulting work with the 2001 edition of the Bible.

A functional multimedia Bible adapted for modern times.

A program for those devout people who like to daily read and study the Bible.

All the books of the Bible with animations.

New advice or an interesting phrase from the Bible, each day on your desktop.

A powerful tool that will satisfy all fans and students of the Bible.

Learn things about the Bible while you play questions and answers.

Free Bible viewer that includes a terminology dictionary and theological comments.

Discover the viewpoints of the main religions of the world.

Bible verses appear every so often on your desktop.
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