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GoSing is free karaoke for all the family to enjoy, in only 300KBs

Excellent midi karaoke program (MID, KAR, mp3) that allows easy playing of karaoke songs.

A professional karaoke program that lets you create your own KM3 files to sing.

A free original program that eliminates the singing part of a CD or mp3 song

Convert your PC into a complete karaoke via a CD+G player.

Karaoke player that lets you save a copy of the themes with your voice.

Complete program to convert your PC into a karaoke studio.

A complete karaoke free on your PC.

A karaoke player with integrated song manager.

Create your own karaoke songs synchronizing the music and lyrics as you want.

Create your own songs for UltraStar.

A simple and free CDG file editor for karaoke.

Create and edit karaoke videos with any MP3 or WAV file.

Set free the artiste that resides inside you thanks to this complete karaoke for your PC.

Karaoke that lets you mix background music and the voice you record from the microphone.
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